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  2. i love my mama

    i love my mama
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  4. by e

    by e
  5. Scavengers Official Hunt Thread (Old)

    9/11/15 GMT +0 Winner: ILRB Second place: rosepetal Third place: AyyronBalls Fourth place: Flerovium Fifth place: abysmal ruins Consolation prize to: Rory Mercury, rubiak2 Solution: crinkles, sinnohroute209, delibirdblewawaythedeepfogwithdefog Questions... 1) In generation 1 this was the...
  6. what even the heck. who said you could leaf?

    what even the heck. who said you could leaf?
  7. blub

  8. nice BADge :] [:

    nice BADge :] [:
  9. Scavengers Official Hunt Thread (Old)

    08/12/2015 GMT -4 Winner: Cattail Prophet (+4) Second place: Chupps:pirate: Third place: Astentia Fourth place: Rory Mercury Fifth place: adiass Consolation prize to: Solution: shedinja, darkprimeape, lucario Questions... 1) This fully evolved Ghost-type Pokemon has a unique base stat total 2)...
  10. blub

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  12. blub

  13. Scavengers Official Hunt Thread (Old)

    08/04/15 GMT -0 Winner: Painter Espeon Second place: Mr. Uncompetitive Third place: Chupps:pirate: Fourth place: Rory Mercury Fifth place: Dylas Consolation prize to: no-one Solution: cathy, sinnohsports, birthisland Questions... 1) This is the only Skier that has used a Steel-type Pokemon...
  14. not aggaaaaaiiiinn... D}:

    not aggaaaaaiiiinn... D}:
  15. Splatoon

    In my opinion before the patch the kraken was definitely number 1 or 2 in the specials category. But now since it can be pushed around by just shooting at it, if you try to kraken and then approach from more than a couple lines away, the enemy will most likely notice before you have the chance...
  16. Splatoon

    Just got to A+ and it was quite the journey. Personally I use the tentatek splattershot for both splat zones and tower control (although it is a bit better in tower control) the suction bombs are an above average sub which can force people off towers or away from zones. And the inkzooka imo is...
  17. Scavengers Official Hunt Thread (Old)

    07/17/15 GMT +0 Winner: Chupps:pirate: Second place: social netwerk Third place: Weebl Fourth place: GoodMorningEspeon Fifth place: Trauer Solution: polkadotbow, springpath, pokemontetris Questions... 1) In Gen 2 this item boosted the power of a certain type by a percent other than 10 2) In...
  18. i like banana soup

    i like banana soup
  19. i like popcorn pizza

    i like popcorn pizza
  20. umm... what even the HECK?

    umm... what even the HECK?